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George Segal was born in ny on November 26, 1924, to a Jewish few just who emigrated from Eastern European countries. Their moms and dads initially settled inside Bronx in which they went a butcher shop and soon after moved to a New Jersey poultry farm.

George invested several of his very early many years focusing on the poultry farm, helping his family members through hard times. For a time, George lived with his aunt in Brooklyn to make certain that he could go to Stuyvesant Specialized twelfth grade and prepare himself for a future in math/science industry. It had been right here that George initially found their love for art.

During World War II, he had to curtail his researches so that you can assist regarding family members chicken farm. He later went to Pratt, Cooper Union, and lastly ny University in which he furthered their art training and received a teaching level in 1949. It had been of these many years that Segal came across various other youthful musicians and artists eager to make statements based on the real life rather than the pure abstractionism that has been all the rage. He joined the tenth Street scene, artwork and concentrating on expressionist, figurative motifs.

After their wedding to Helen in 1946, they bought their chicken farm. In order to support his household during the lean many years he taught Art and English in the regional high-school at Rutgers University.

In 1957, he had been a part of “Artists regarding the New York class: Second Generation, ” an exhibit on Jewish Museum. For the following 36 months he showed yearly during the Hansa. The path from painting to sculpture and particular kind of the sculpture is embodied in some occasions through the belated 1950s. In 1956, Segal had been introduced toward Hansa Gallery and its own’ artistic influence. The next 12 months, Allan Kaprow find the Segal farm while the scene of their very first Happening – live art with an environmental sensibility. In 1958 Segal began to experiment in sculpture together with a one-man tv show at the Green Gallery in 1960, featuring a number of plaster figures.

In 1961, while teaching a grownup knowledge course in brand new Brunswick, students delivered to George’s course a package of dried out plaster bandages. Segal took all of them home and tried using them straight to their human anatomy. With the help of his spouse, Helen, Segal was able to make components of a body cast and assemble them into an entire sitting figure. Segal supplied a host for his human body cast-by including a chair, a window frame and a table. Man Sitting at a Table noted the breakthrough of a unique sculptural technique and a turning part of the artist’s career.

From 1965 to 1999, George Segal ended up being represented solely because of the Sidney Janis Gallery, nyc. In these later years, he perfected the technique and developed actuality tableaux, utilizing numerous buddies and family relations as models. He became understood, along with Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol among others within the "Pop Art" motion. Segal's distinctive style divided his work from "Pop Art" by keeping closely related to personal experience and man values. He once said that because he had been through the proletariat, he wanted to deal right using locations around and familiar to himself, as opposed to with "elegant" topics.

The very last years of their life had been filled up with brand new creation and phrase. Their black-and-white pictures of the streets of the latest York & New Jersey as well as folks inside the life were utilized to generate new tableaux for their sculpture and to create close-up drawings of man appearance. He stayed active, involved and effective until their death on Summer 9, 2000. Throughout his life he had been recognized throughout the world for his artistic work along with his humanistic passion.

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Here is a partial directory of honors and honors George Segal got during their life time.


1985 Visual Arts Award – the Bronx Museum of the Arts
1986 The Mayer Sultzberger Award–The Jewish Museum, Ny
1986 Israel Cultural Award – State of Israel Bonds, New York
1986 Israel Achievement Award, World Zionist Organization/American Zionist Company, Nyc
1987 Hall of Fame/Rutgers Achievement Award, New Jersey
1987 The Governor's Walt Whitman Creative Arts Award, Nj-new Jersey
1988 Pratt Alumni Achievement Award, Brooklyn
1988 National Arts Club Award, Nyc
1991 Distinguished Alumnus honor, NYU, New York
1991 Order of Andres Bello, top class, Republic of Venuzuela
1992 Visual Arts Award, NJ Center for Visual Arts
1992 Overseas Life Achievement Award for Sculpture, Washington DC
1997 Praemium Imperiale Award, life Achievement within the Arts, Tokyo, Japan
1999 National Medal of Honor, Washington, DC
2000 Federal Design Achievement Award, Washington, DC

Honorary Degrees Conferred:

1970 Honorary Ph.D. in Good Arts, Rutgers University, NJ
1984 Physician of Humane Letters, Kean University, NJ
1992 Honorary Ph.D. in Fine Arts, State University of brand new York at buy
1994 Honorary Ph.D. Massachusetts College of Fine Arts, Boston MA
1998 Honorary Ph.D. Ramapo University

Educational Background:

Cooper Union Class of Art
Pratt Institute of Design
1949 B.A. in Arts Knowledge, Ny University

George Segal: Celebrating Rutgers’ 250th anniversary
George Segal: Celebrating Rutgers’ 250th anniversary
George Segal Photos
George Segal Photos
Descubre el Arte Pop en 7 pasos
Descubre el Arte Pop en 7 pasos
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